My entire life growing up was dedicated to sports of all kinds. As a skateboarder in middle school, to racing bmx, to freestyle biking, to soccer, baseball, football, and landing most of my focus on hockey, football, and track. while I lost a lot of time to dedicate to biking and skateboarding, I moved on to college without the competitive nature I was use to. While the chaos of school kept going, I reached out to skateboarding when I could find time, to relieve some stress.. as I got better, I was inspired to do more individual sports by close friends of mine. Snowboarding then became everything to me. Every night after work, I would be doing laps in the park at a tiny hill from 5pm-10pm. As I transitioned to a new city, work took over and I lost a lot of time to snowboard. As the spring rolled around. My girlfriend and I would try playing soccer, tennis, running, etc. to get some exercise in. but we were tying to find something a little more adventurous. We decided to save up and buy a couple mountain bikes to take around our local trails. This became an addiction. We rode almost every trail system in Minnesota just this past summer. Today, we still participate in every possible activity we can get into. Wakesurfing on friends boats, playing pickup hockey, boxing, jui jitsu, soccer, volleyball, mountain biking, xc skiing, running, lifting, and anything that pushes us to be better, faster, and stronger.


shooting action sports exploded my passion for staying active even though I lost the competitive team sports. I have progressed in so many ways mentally, and physically. I still itch to get out to capture the pure talent and art the sports are. the human body is capable of anything and everything. To be alongside some of the top atheletes in the world is not only inspiring to me, but it pushed me to capture moments that can inspire others to keep trying and keep focus on what it is you truly love to do.


crashed ice, tom wallsich, D1 college hockey, professional boxing, skate events, local ski/snowboarders, olympic curlers, collegiate lacrosse, marathons, etc. All the things that I shoot, I partake in. I love sports, I love the outdoors, and I love sharing that passion with others.